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Baseball Workouts

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Baseball Workouts
Author: TromblyBaseball (3,329 Posts) Posted: 9/21/10 11:05:21 PM Views: 4956
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Baseball specific workouts every Tuesday and Thursday night at 7:00 at The Sports Club/LA in Irvine.

They truly are baseball specific workouts designed around improving velocity, speed, agility, flexibility, and overall strength/power. A huge part of the workouts is arm care and injury prevention. We will teach the kids a phenomenal shoulder/arm program. Another big part of the workout is an incredible core program from world renowned back specialist Dr. Robert Watkins. Last, we will work on speed and agility with plyometrics and overall strength and power through functional training. Flexibility will also be a big area of focus.

We will give out gear including top of the line wood bats, gloves, and Under Armour. Also, we will have guest speakers including big leaguers, college coaches, scouts, sports psychologists certified nutritionists. These workouts are put on by ex college and professional players.

The Sports Club in Irvine is one of the nicest facilities in the country, and has given us free reign to put together this great workout. They are at 1980 Main Street in Irvine. Off the 405 at MacArthur, just across the street from the airport. Players do not need to be members of the club to attend the workout.

The first one is on us, complimentary!!



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