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So Cal Outlaws advance into final four

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So Cal Outlaws advance into final four
Author: SoCalOutlaw (126 Posts) Posted: 11/29/10 9:42:27 AM Views: 4404
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Congratulations to the So Cal Outlaws for advancing into the "Final 4" in Cory Lidle Tournament.
After facing the SGV Arsenal, IE Vipers and Riverside Rangers, the So Cal Outlaws advanced as number 1 in their pool and into single elimination championship rounds. With a 5-1 Victory over the So Cal Elite the Outlaws advanced into the final four to face the Colton Nighthawks. In a very tough and competitive game it soon became apparent that the 1st team to score was probably going to take it. After 5 scoreless innings, with opportunity on both sides to take the lead, the Nighthawks started the bottom of the sixth with a bunt for a base hit. A very well executed sac bunt advanced the runner to 2nd. A Nighthawk base hit now had runners at 1st and 3rd with 1 out. The next batter hit the ball straight to the Outlaw SS on what appeared to be a bang-bang 6-4-3 double play when the umpire calls the runner safe at 1st allowing the run from 3rd to score. The Outlaws did not score in the seventh giving the Nighthawks a very hard fought victory. Final score Colton Nighthawks 1 So Cal Outlaws 0.
The Outlaw pitching staff and players did a great job keeping us in the games.

So Cal Outlaw Pitchers
Bryson KauHaaHaa RHP Valencia
Ty Provencher RHP LB Wilson/CSULB
John (JK) Mc Gill RHP LB Millikan
Jake Angus LHP Pacifica
Dalton Douty RHP Edison
Fellipe Perez RHP Fairmont Prep
Nathan Anderson RHP Garden Grove
Darren Gidley RHP Lakewood
Javi Ureno RHP Katella
Mike McNall RHP Katella

So Cal Outlaw Position Players
Nick Torres Util Lakewood
Zach Alofaituli 1st Lakewood
Hayden Bogard 2nd Sevite
Jose Tejeda SS Lancaster
Nick Kern 3rd Brea Olinda
Tyler Schultz C Lakewood/USF
Andrew Commacho C Rancho Alamitos
Ryan Dixon C Lakewood
Chris Cano OF Kennedy
Jon Torres OF Edison
Jordan Ellis OF Pacifica
Kory Weeks OF Rancho Alamitos
Kareem LaRoque/Abubukker OF LB Millikan
Justin Walsh 2nd Katella
Thanks to all the Parents, players and fans that come out and support your So Cal Outlaws

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