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Week 10 2011 CIF-SS Div 1-7 Coaches Poll and Standings

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Week 10 2011 CIF-SS Div 1-7 Coaches Poll and Standings
Author: statman0168 (764 Posts) Posted: 5/9/11 5:27:10 PM Views: 4744
Topic: Week 10 2011 CIF-SS Div 1-7 Coaches Poll and Standings » Reply to this Post
The Final CIF-SS Coaches Poll for Week 10 was released today by the CIF-SS


It has the 7 Divisions Rankings from 1-10 and "Others" listed at the end.

The biggest change was in Division 1:

My Team (Hart) didn't fare to well in the final week poll.
Hart started showing up in the rankings starting in Week 2 and reached as high as 5th, and sat mostly at 6th during the season, then dropped to 8th last week.

Last Wednesday they lost at home to third place West Ranch 4-3, however on Friday they avenged the 4-3 loss with a 12-0 win over West Ranch at the Wildcats diamond.

However the CIF D-1 coaches were not impressed and dropped Hart into the "Others" ranking at 15th place behind Long Beach Poly, JW North, Newbury Park, and Simi Valley.

This was the Last Weekly Coaches Poll: Next Monday the Playoff Brackets will be released.

Here is the D-1 Standings with the CIF-SS Coaches Poll at the bottom right hand corner:

To get all 7 Divisions click on my Playoffs and Standing Page:

Select your Division Choice:....

The Weekly CIF-SS Coaches Poll Rankings will be used by the CIF-SS to determine the Seeding in the Playoffs so they are very important to many teams:

Here is an Article today by Eric Sondheimer on the LA Times Varsity Times Insider Blog:

The Playoff Brackets will be released next Monday, on the CIF-SS Web site at:

A couple of hours later I will put out my Own Brackets which have much more information regarding all the teams in the Brackets in all 7 Divisions:
Mainly I include the Wild Card games on the same Bracket page. The CIF-SS has a separate page for the Wild Card Games.

Here is a Sample of Division 1 from Last year (2010):

Next week, since these Brackets take a while to get done, I will put up D-1 first and then follow with the other Divisions all at once, later on.

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