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Coming Soon
Author: BaseballResource (3,713 Posts) Posted: 12/10/11 3:04:40 AM Views: 6636
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1. Travel Ball Webpage - This allows unknown players to see who the travel ball programs are in the area. A great suggestion by Ralph Grajeda who was a travel ball coach while he was coaching at Saddleback Valley College and now the Head Coach at Vanguard University in Costa Mesa, Ca.

If you a travel ball coach and would like your information posted email me at

2. Letter of Intents - This was a staple of Baseball Resource and we will continue the tradition of building this page back where it should be.

Please email the following to if your son has committed a letter of intent to any school from NCAA D1 to NAII.

A. Full Name.
B. High School Name
C. Position, if they are a pitcher we need to know if they are left or right handed.
D. College

I will post the links for the Travel Ball and Letter of Intent page when I have them up.

Matt Slaven
Founder - Baseball Resource



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