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Why spend hundreds of dollars on a website that promises you that college baseball coaches will look at your player profile? Baseball Resource is the largest website in the Western United States for High School baseball. College coaches from all over the country log on to Baseball Resource to find out information about baseball in Southern California.

I challenge you to ask any college coach in Southern California, if he does not know about Baseball Resource I will give you a player profile at half the price.


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There are currently 104 profiles for you to view, with many more to come!

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Latest Player Profiles
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» Anthony Esparza  Includes Player Photograph Alemany High
» Joe Wright  Includes Player Photograph Los Alamitos High School
» Daniel Lods  Includes Player Photograph Lancaster High School
» Matthew Hill  Includes Player Photograph Pacifica High School
» Jake Gallaway   Etiwanda High School
» Mychal Kabeary  Includes Player Photograph Palm Desert High School
» Tyler Faust  Includes Player Photograph Chaminade College Preparatory High School


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