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Michael Finnigan

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DOB: Oct 28, 1990
Height: 6'2
Weight: 170
Bats: L
Throws: L
Positon(s): Pitcher, 1B

School Details (Michael Finnigan)
School Name: Cajon High School
Address: 1200 Hill Drive
San Bernardino , CA 92407
Section: Southern Section
League: San Andreas
Class Year: 2008
Coach: Jon Austin
Years Varsity: 2
GPA: 2.59
SAT: 1280
Registered with NCAA Clearing house: No

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Player Details (Michael Finnigan)
Scout Team(s): Devil Rays
Travel Team(s): Inland Terror
60 Yd. Time: 7.4 seconds
Date of Reading: Jul 21, 2007
Location: UCR Prospect Camp
Arm Velocity: 82 mph
Date of Reading: Jul 21, 2007
Location: UCR Prospect Camp
Personal Comments/Information:
I have been told that I have good field presence. I usually have a high strike out to batters faced ratio. I feel that my long term projectabilty is great as I will graduate at 17 years old, not turning 18 until late October of '08. I led the league in HRs for summer Senior League ball in '07 and am continuing to strive at being a consistant presence at the plate. Will be improving my GPA & SAT.

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