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What is a Player Profile?

It allows for you to post information about you or a player you know such as 60 times, arm velocity, grade point averages, travel teams you have played on, height, weight, and much much more.

I have spoken to numerous College Recruiters and Scouts and asked them what information they would like to get about a player. Its all posted here. Here are some advantages of having your player profile with

  1. Southern California's largest baseball website.
  2. Numerous College Recruiters, Scouts and Travel team coaches log on and are always looking for information on a good ball player.
  3. Already being recruited? Put all your info here and just tell them to log on to
  4. Sign up today and get the book today "The Process" by Tim McDonnell for FREE! ($17.95 Value)
  5. It's only $75.00 a year, for all this exposure it can't be beat.

Player profiles are set for any age, and they can be updated twice a year at no cost. If you would like more info. Please email me at

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